Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Macro oops!

WEEK 12Technical: MacroLife is in the details. Get in close and show us the details we usually miss. You don't need a macro lens to shoot a macro shot.
Close-ups are not my bag.
I'd bought a bright pink LUSH bath thing, decided to push myself to impossible heights and shoot a macro beauty (selfie) whilst laying down in a bath of water using - not flash - but my new constant PIXAPRO 308D light.
The light is super bright, but not bright enough to enable me to shoot at anything like f16 and subsequently a lot of images weren't in focus.
Also my shutter speed was dodgy AF considering I was sliding around in water and unable to keep completely still.

It's so hard to shoot beauty selfies; I'm almost close to giving up!
This set-up wasn't great because I was getting up to check every other photo and the steam from the bath was making my make-up run so it was just as difficult to retouch as it was to shoot. Oh well!

Settings shot on a 60mm macro lens: f11, ISO 200, 1/100th sec.

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