Sunday, 14 January 2018

Dry your eyes

On Friday I went to the SWPP tradeshow in London and came back with a brand new Nikon D850, so yesterday I was itching to play with it and check out focus performance.
I asked Simon to give me a theme and he said 'water,' so I went off to gather some Pinterest inspiration, which I do from time to time.
I liked seeing straggly hairs and smudged blues on the face, so I used false eyelashes, blue nail varnish, blue eyeliner and a whole range of blue / green eyeshadows to brush on randomly. As you can see below, the saturation wasn't great in real life however much I used, but was pleased to get my hair strands neat and the rest of it slicked back with lots of hairspray.
My hair is ombre, so dark from the root til about half way, then blonde to the ends. I used wet blue eyeshadow to temporarily dye the blonde ends of these strands and set in place with more spray.

⇩⇩⇩-------------------------- (not my images) --------------------------⇩⇩⇩

I set the camera up on a tripod, used the 70-200 on about 150mm for the final shots, used a small gridded beauty dish up fairly high, very close to me and a reflector very close under my chin. Reflector was held with one hand, my other hand was in frame and the remote shutter was on the floor being pressed by my foot.
I added water to my face too via a squirty bottle, but the droplets weren't sticking. I needed oil to help them stick but I didn't want to put oil on over the top of all the blue eye shadow.. I used coconut oil for the shine on my lips though.
I'm playing it safe for now, but my next beauty shots will be more adventurous: F14, 1/100, ISO 100.
The difference in sharpness and quality in Lightroom / Photoshop is immense.. the D850 is phenomenal. I can see each miniscule hair follicle where each singular hair emerges in unbelievable detail I wouldn't even catch in a magnifying mirror. Bonkers!

Also, I'm going to have to shave my face, lol.. it's like I've put glasses on after years of being blind. I know it's not about the gear, but right now this camera is my new best friend.

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