Saturday, 10 March 2018

The future is female!

It's week 10 and the theme from my all-female photography group is 'bonkers.'
I am with my gorgeous friends, Layla & Eddie in Woolwich and met incredible American actress, Debra Lamb who is staying with them right now. They have the use of some wild and beautiful outfits from designer, Belinda Chorley from Beyond Bridal and the three of us got in on a crazy, colourful selfie, packed full of patterns and textures.

Here are some fun behind the scenes instagram posts from Debra & Layla of our day yesterday..

Please go give them all a follow on instagram!

I set up my portable flash and using the 35mm lens, (f8, ISO 100, 1/100th) fired shots using a remote shutter at first, having lined up the shot with Debra & Layla in place.
Then for some reason, the remote shutter stopped working, so finished the set with the interval camera timer.
I think this finished bonkers shot came from quite early on in the set..
Thanks to such an amazing team.. I can't wait to come back in the summer when Debra is back over from America and we can do this again, as initially I wanted to shoot outside but the weather definitely hasn't been co-operating.

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