Monday, 5 March 2018

Baby it's cold outside

My all-female photography challenge group picked a great theme, 'The Cold' for week 9 way before they knew what the weather would be doing.
It's been snowing constantly pretty much all over the UK - I gave up a lie-in one morning last week to grab a selfie before it melted because snow in Angmering literally NEVER happens. Took the opportunity to make this one as easy as possible.
It's amazing how elegant an ugly old weed-infested driveway looks with some sun flare, a lace dress and a bit of snow.

No real interesting set up I'm afraid.. just camera on low tripod on aperture priority with 85mm lens, ISO 100, f3.5..
I set a mini stool up in the frame to sit on and set camera on interval timer, (I broke the lead to my remote shutter release.. have ordered another) ..just ran into shot flinging my boots off. Must have taken 10 shots max after the 'set-up' tests and 10 minutes total outside. These two below made the cut.

It was snowing heavily at the time even when the sun came out, but I added more snow in post using the noise filter and curves on a separate layer so it showed up a bit better. The second photo was naturally warmer in colour tone than the first, so I 'shopped in the fake sun glare behind.
(Click on an image to see larger)

Dress: Oshoplive
Hair: wig

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