Monday, 5 March 2018

Stepping into the light..

My all-female photograpy group's week 8 theme was 'fear of the unknown'

Acknowledging your fears is hard enough let alone photographing them, so instead of doing that I decided to portray photos symbolising fear of the unknown using light, rather than documenting an actual fear.

"We all get a feel for what we are great at and we all get a feel for the things at which we are not so good. We naturally like to sit in our comfort zone, as this is where we excel."

I think fearing the unknown is a bit like staying in the dark, fearful of what you might see or the truths you might uncover if you make the move to turn into the light..
I found these light patterns on a wall in my house and shot these self portraits whilst taking the opportunity to play with new make-up - a dark reddy brown matte liquid lipstick, and orange-gold eyeshadow palette.
Completely natural light with a 60mm lens & high ISO, letting the D850 do what it does best.

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