Sunday, 14 January 2018

Hello! An intro post..

Hi, I'm Toulouki!
In all my years working as a freelance model, I never thought I'd pick up a camera. That was their job, those photographer people.
I've been taking photos for around two years; this year I want to be everything - the stylist, the model, the photographer and the retoucher. I set out to participate in weekly photography challenges like the Dogwood Photography challenge 2018 and some more personal ones among friends, trying to compose these images completely by myself to improve technical ability, retouching precision, build creativity and learn things I wouldn't necessarily learn were I to only shoot others along the way.

I also hope to remove the negative stigma attached to the 'selfie,' as every photographer has a model right there with them at all times if they can get over the whole 'there's a reason I stay behind the camera' thing.
I hope you enjoy my collection of self portraits, the stories behind making them and perhaps they will inspire others to try their own.

This is me.. looking, well, relatively normal (made up and barefaced)

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