Thursday, 22 February 2018


Stop press!
Let's take some time out for some silliness..

I can't really take credit for this idea and I'm not sure my amazing and hilarious mate who is responsible for me shooting both my amateur attempts and the finished photo would want to be named(!) but basically, she accidentally sent a loo selfie to the wrong person and it was the funniest thing ever. So a lot of our mutual female friends started doing their own for their best mates for a laugh.. because why would you not(?!)

This is my 'Holy-macaroni-since-when-were-Victoria-Station-toilets-free 32nd birthday weeing selfie above left, and an attempt at a slightly more creative angle on the right, (excuse the naked morning face) then then my brain started whirring and I thought what a flipping great idea for a proper shoot.. as you do.

Cut to this:

The only light was a beauty dish, (almost at full power) aimed at a slightly tilted reflector on the floor, reflecting light back up - no ambient at all. I was trying to juggle the interval timer on the camera and angle it on the floor, whilst Simon was laughing his arse off at me.

Boring settings stuff: Nikon D850, 16-35mm used at 24mm, ISO 100, f9, 1/250th sec
#pissartist #beautyonthebog #bogoir #weeeee #urinthelight #flashinthepan #lookingflushed

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