Monday, 12 February 2018

Mirrors for lifestyle

On 26th January, whilst staying at my Simon's sister's place in London, I did some selfies for fun in the spare bedroom.. this room has gorgeous light.. it's always so soft, and bounced around thanks to white walls and a huge mirrored wall opposite the windows.
This was also the day I discovered I could put my focus on full auto and set it to continuous. This maxed out the camera's ability to 'find' me in the photo and get the focus right.. something I hadn't been doing for previous work.. hoorah!
The remote shutter was on the floor as ever.. I'm getting used to pressing this thing with my foot..

So these weren't for any challenge, only to challenge myself with natural light and some natural back light.. I've wanted to shoot in this room for ages as I've always thought it would be a great space in which to take photos.
I used a couple of lenses.. the very first shot is taken on a 35mm, the others 85mm.. all with an aperture of f4. When I was standing with the window in front of me, I think I may have been slightly uplit as there was a lot of bounce up from the white sheets on the bed; almost as much as was coming through the windows.

I just love the simplicity of these and I'm really happy with how they turned out, especially with the blue-ish filter in post. I love using mirrors.. when using the available light, they just push so much more light back in; they basically act like an enormous soft reflector. And I love wearing my Calvin Klein crop top.. or Kevin Klein as Simon likes to call it, haha.
Please click on any photo to see it larger..

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