Sunday, 25 February 2018

Hippie haven

Week 7 - mid-Feb - as I said was quite busy for me with my birthday, trips and I was shooting as a model in my hippie tent set up in the garden.
I have been decorating bell tents in my garden for the past 3 years, have owned the same number of tents and now I have a big heavy canvas bell tent which is roomy and more durable than my past ones. I kept it up all throughout winter this time - perhaps not the smartest move but it's fine and I put up pretty fabrics and cushions for my shoots with my photographers. I can't keep the fabrics in there over winter obviously because the UK is far too cold; everything goes mouldy eventually.

Anyway, the theme for the other challenge is lyrics to a Kinks song I really love but with a difference:
"Wild thing.. you make my brain sting.. you annoy me with everything.."
..which really is quite harsh considering I don't often get annoyed by anything that really could be illustrated in a photograph.
My biggest annoyance of the week was decorating my tent and then dismantling it because having these fabrics out in freezing weather is simply impossible to maintain. They're beautiful, handmade embellished Indian saris too which I bought in Arambol & Mapusa last year, so it's even more important I don't ruin them as you can't pop them in the washing machine.
Well in that instance I wished I could live somewhere I didn't have to keep taking my favourite little home apart as it's a pain and a lot of work. If I lived somewhere warm and dry all year round, I really would live quite happily in it.
Part of the challenge's description included, "show me your angry side and treat this as your therapy" but I don't like to shoot negativity, (it's just not something I enjoy) don't need to vent any anger and I don't need 'therapy' from any annoyances in my life. So although I've admitted the current annoyance, this is the image of what would be if nature allowed such a thing all year for me. It's still a reality; I just need to pack it up for half the year!

Silly, horrible British weather.. I suffer with S.A.D too. But it's March this week and time to start getting excited.

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